Videos and radio stories

The journalistic coverages for the news agency Efe often required producing information in all the formats -text, pictures, video and radio-, specially those news items sent from its London bureau office. Regarding the videos, I was entrusted with choosing the shots, conducting interviews, and recording and editing of the scenes, whereas locution was added by a colleague in hindsight.
This is a selection of videos, stand-up stories and radio news produced by the two year-period of my traineeship at Efe:

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Exhibition "Animals Inside Out", Natural History Museum of London:

Exhibition of more than ten thousand diamonds, owed by the British monarchy. The event was part of the Diamond Jubilee, the celebration of the sixtieth aniversary of the sixtieth anniversary of the enthronement of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom:

The historic Dunstanburgh castle, northeast England, illuminated with hundreds of tents during the "Peace Camp", an event framed in the London 2012 Festival:

Stand-up stories:

Ecuador granted political asylum to WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange:

Launch of "The Casual Vacancy", the first adult novel of British author JK Rowling:

Radio stories

Tenth anniversary of the birth of Dolly the sheep:

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