Press releases
European Parliament

Between March and July 2013, I worked for the General Directorate for Communication at the European Parliament in Brussels, thanks to a Schuman traineeship. 

The management of the eurocrisis, the efforts towards the establishment of a banking union, the advances and setbacks in the integration process, the accession of Croatia as the twenty-eighth Member State, the next European elections, the rise of Euroscepticism, and the tensions among countries more and less affected by the recession make this period particularly fascinating. 

My tasks in the Parliament included internal and external communication, mainly: 
  • Drafting press releases in English and Spanish, about the directives approved in Plenary in Strasbourg, and the progress of the negotiations and the committees' debates, for instance:
  • Producing the monthly newsletter in Spanish, preceding the European Parliament Plenary Session;
  • Media monitoring and drafting reports about the topics covered in the 27 Member States;
  • Writing documents for communication campaigns addressed to different stakeholders, like citizens or journalists; 
  • Assisting in the organisation of seminars for European correspondents about the most relevant legislative iniciatives at that date
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